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Congratulations to Class X for 100 % Results -CBSE , New Delhi

INDIAN SCHOOL SUR EXCELS IN CBSE CLASS X RESULTS . The much-awaited results for class X were announced today by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on its website, putting an end to all the speculations. As expected, the school has produced 100% results, giving a huge relief to all the students and the parents. Indian School Sur is proud to announce the outstanding result of class X for the academic year 2020-21. However, this year the result tabulation has followed a unique criteria, prescribed by the CBSE Board due to pandemic looming across the globe. Miss Shahana Rajasekar topped the school with 488 marks (97.6 %) followed by Miss Abhirami Thayala Valappil with 483 marks (96.6%) & Miss Musarrath Jahan with 478 marks (95.6 %). Out of 65 students who enrolled for the board examination, 9 students got 91% and above, 21 students got between 81 – 90%, 13 students got between 71 -80% and 12 students between 61% and 70%. Subject Toppers are as follows: Abhirami Thayala Valappil scored 100 in Malayalam, Shahana Rajasekar scored 98 in English, 96 in Mathematics, 99 in Science & 97 in Hindi , Musarrat Jahan scored 99 in Social Science and Salma Ibrahim Abdel Ghani scored 98 in Arabic . The President of the School Management Committee Mr Mohammed Ameen and other esteemed members of SMC and the Principal Dr S. Srinivasan stand in admiration of the board results and applauded the students wholeheartedly for their spectacular performances, the teachers for their tireless efforts and the parents for their extensive support.

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