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Indian School Sur gives great emphasis on providing adequate opportunities for an all-round development of its students.


We have a well- equipped Computer Lab for junior (Classes 1-5) and senior (Classes 6 to 12) sections. We have total 35 computer systems in the Lab where, 70 students can be accommodated at a time. We also have separate Audio Visual Labs for junior (Classes 1-5) and senior (Classes 6 to 12) sections for conducting seminars and showing demonstrations .


We have a spacious and well-equipped biology lab with seating capacity of 30 students at a time. We have 10 compound microscopes, 3 dissecting microscopes, 15 charts ,100 permanent slides, 5 models, 30 specimens and a skeletal system to develop the scientific thinking of our students in all possible ways.


The School has a well-equipped laboratory for Chemistry which can accommodate 30 students at a time. This lab has enough apparatus, Chemicals, Charts and Models for classes from primary to higher secondary level. It has a separate weighing room and store room for chemicals. Children are being encouraged to do their experiments individually. This room is well aerated and ventilated. It has got a well-equipped First Aid Box. There is enough space and materials for the demonstration classes in Chemistry.


We have a well-equipped spacious Physics Lab that can afford 25 students or a maximum of 30 students at a time, as per CBSE requirements and syllabus. All apparatus are available here to satisfy the needs of the children.


Libraries form a vital part of the world's systems of education and information storage and retrieval. In our school library, we have around 10,000 books including story books, subject books and reference books. Our library provides varieties of magazines and newspapers.

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