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Dear students,
This is to inform you that the school is organizing an Inter House Yoga Competition for classes III to VIII on 10th  February 2021. The competition will be held for boys and girls separately in 2 categories (Sub Junior- Class III- V, Junior- Class VI -VIII). 
Rules of the Competition 
1. Each team shall consist of 5 students. From each team, 4 students should perform two asanas each from the list mentioned below and the 5th student should perform Surya Namaskar (12 stages). 
List of Asanas: 1. Padmasana, 2. Ardluzmatseyendrasana, 3. Paschimottanasana, 4. Vrikshasana, 5. Trikonasana, 6. Chakrasana, 7. Saruangasana, 8. Dhanuarasana4
 2. The competition will be held online using Zoom platform.
 3. Each Asana and Surya Namaskar should be performed two times and each asana's final posture should be held for 10 to 15 seconds.
 4. Evaluation criteria - each Asana shall carry 10 marks. (i) Manner of performing the asanas (starting & returning) - 3 marks (ii) Perfection and exhibition of the posture - 5 marks (iii) Fixed retention duration of the posture - 2 marks.
 5. A video demonstrating all the Asanas listed above and Surya Namaskar will be shared through class groups.
 6. Interested students can register through google form . Selection round will be held if more than 5 students register from same house.
 7. Students shall register for the competition on or before 14th January 2021. House selection, if required, will be conducted on or before 21st January 2021 
Dr. S. Srinivasan 

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