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Date : 17/11/2020 


Dear Parents and students, 

Kindly note the details regarding two of the upcoming inter school cultural events organized to cater the aesthetic grooming of the students, under the aegis of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman. It is matter of great pride and privilege that our school will be organizing the second edition of the Indian School Film Fest (ISFF) for the academic year2020-2021 for all the Indian schools in the Sultanate. 
1. Short Film 

As part of the fest, a short film competition will be conducted in the month of January, 2021. The entire work related to the film making should be done by the students, by the middle of December. The involvement of adults/professionals in the making of the movie including acting is not allowed.Each team may consist of 10 to 15students, who are capable to manage all the aspects of making the film will be selected from the registered candidates. 
Workshops on various aspects of film making will be organized for the participants. Those passionate about the various areas of film making are invited to register for the participation. For further details , please contact the event coordinator of our school Mrs Sarala Babu. Contact No : 96331588 
2. Documentary on Indo Oman Bilateral Relationship 

The Sultanate of Oman is renowned for its rich culture and heritage and has been nourishing a very intimate relationship with our motherland India. Commemorating the 50thNational Day of Oman, students are invited to make a documentary on the theme Indo-Oman relationship, as part of the ISFF 2020-21. 
Images and videos depicting the beauty of Oman, its cultural heritage, tourist attractions etc. are to be portrayed in the most positive manner. The documentary should deal exclusively with facts and events meant for educative and informative purposes. The key elements to be focused are the significance of the subject, depth of research, purpose of creation, quality of factual information, unbiased presentation and clarity of narration, suitable background score and video effects and the entire work should be completed by the middle of December.The production team consists of 5 to 8 members who will be selected from the registered candidates. Students who are interested ( VIII to XII) are invited to register. For further details, please contact the event coordinator of our school MrsRema Prasad . Contact No : 96506657 

We advise you to utilize the rare opportunity to learn, enjoy and take up responsibility to make the team work successful. Registration for the above events to be done on or before 21st November, 2020. 

Dr. S. Srinivasan 

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