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CCA Activities 2020-2021

Our focus on education does not stop in the classroom learning. We value co-curricular activities as an integral part of our education, and they are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum in such a way that every student gets to learn beyond the framework of academic learning. In particular, participation in these activities provides opportunities for personal growth by enhancing social skills, intellectual skills and moral values. 
We are  planning to conduct CCA activities for the next two months as per the following schedule.

S. NO.   DATE                      EVENT                  CATEGORY             CLASS
1         26.10.2020        English Elocution         Sub-Juniors                V & VI
2         02.11.2020        Regional Solo song       Sub-Juniors
3         09.11.2020        Hindi Elocution             Sub-Juniors
4         16.11.2020        Mono Act                       Sub-Juniors
5          27.10.2020       English Elocution             Juniors                VII & VIII
6          03.11.2020       Regional Solo song          Juniors
7          10.11.2020       Hindi Elocution                Juniors
8          17.11.2020       Mono Act                         Juniors
9          28.10.2020       English Extempore           Seniors                 IX to XII
10        04.11.2020       Regional Solo song          Seniors
11        11.11.2020       Turncoat Debate               Seniors
12        18.11.2020       Declamation                     Seniors
Parents are requested to encourage the children to participate actively. 
Dr. S Srinivasan

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