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 Dear Parent, 
We would like to update you on the schedule of online training and support offered to our students on the selected co-curricular activities. 
The given activities were previously planned as part of the regular school calendar; unfortunately, we couldn't initiate those due to the ongoing Pandemic situation. 
We are confident that the sessions will engage children to make use of their time productively. 
The assigned teachers will conduct training sessions during their teaching periods as well as available free hours from 23/06/2020 to 31/08/2020. 

CLASS                         EVENTS                                                                                                        TEACHER 1N-CHARGE 

I                         English Recitation, Show & Describe, Word Building&Spell Bee                              MrsLasitha & MrsTeseni
II                        Story Narration, Speak Up, Word Building, Spell Bee&Book Parade                         MrsLasitha & MrsTeseni 
III & IV             Word Building, Just A Minute, News Reading&Finger Puppet Story                          MrsAsiya& Mrs Sofia 
V & VI               Elocution, Spell Bee, Western Song ( solo)& English Recitation                                Mrs Teresa & Mrs Sofia 
VII & VIII         Elocution, Spell Bee, Western Song ( solo)& English Recitation                                 Mrs Meera & MrsAsiya 
IX to XII            Extempore, English Elocution, Debate, Turn-Coat Debate &Declamation                  MrsAnees ,Mrs Meera &

                                                                                                                                                                       Mrs Maria 

Stay Home and StaySafe! 

Dr. S Srinivasan 

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