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To: The Parents of Classes X & XII
Dear Parent,
As informed earlier the school has been closed for a month as precaution against the outbreak of COVID 19 Corona virus. Please be informed that the Ministry of Education has permitted us to conduct the board examinations. We need to follow certain norms while conducting these exams. The parents are requested adhere to the following
• Ensure that the parent comes and drops the student at the gate sharp at 7.30 am
• The student will have enough food before they come for the exam.
• Any student suffering from respiratory illness (cold ,cough, flu etc) shall compulsorily use mask as a precautionary measure.
• Students will be lead to the examination hall in small numbers in an orderly manner maintaining enough distance from each other.
• The students are permitted to bring mask and portable hand sanitizer for their
• Please insist your child to keep safe distance from others for their safety as well
as the safety of others
• Immediately after the exam gets over at 12.15pm, every child will leave the campus and the parents must ensure that they are at the gate to receive them.
• Parents are advised to avoid gathering around the school premises.
• As the number of candidates in each room is reduced and the seating arrangements have been changed, students are requested to assemble in front of the stage and not to enter any classroom,
Best Wishes,
Dr. S Srinivasan 

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